Have you found yourself stuck in a bit of a rut lately when it comes to your health and fitness?


Do you feel like you just need a bit of support in getting your body composition and health goals back on track? 


Well, that is exactly why we have created The 60 Day Restart!


This program has been designed to Restart your journey to a healthier, happier you.


It will give you structure and support in getting yourself back into a space that you are feeling good mentally and physically. It will give you all the tools you need to start making progress with your goals, whether that looks like fat loss, increased energy, structure or simply getting back to ‘feeling yourself’ after what has been a tough year.


The 60 Day Restart is a holistic approach to female health that will teach you how to harness your female hormones and use them to your advantage, instead of constantly feeling like you are working against them. You’ll learn how to tailor your training and nutrition to your menstrual cycle and how to effectively drive your body composition goals in a way that is sustainable and makes you feel GOOD - not deprived! 


We have designed this program in a way that encompasses all of the elements that are important to see results, including; understanding the female menstrual cycle, female-focused nutrition for fat loss, workout nutrition, mindset… 


The 60 Day Restart will provide you with the tools and knowledge to be able to sustain the progress you make and continue to build on it even after the program ends.


60 Days is just the start!