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We all know that tracking your macros is not something that we can do forever - Eventually you need to transition away from tracking and logging your food. But often it can feel a little overwhelming and people are anxious that once they stop tracking, they will move away from their goals..

We're so excited that our head coach, Brian OhAoghusa, is taking you through this Masterclass, as he has helped thousands of clients at The Fit Clinic banish food fears and improve their relationship with food. 

Here's the exciting line-up for the evening: 

---> How You Know It's Time to Stop Tracking

---> Ways to Transition Away From Weighing and Tracking

---> How to Eat Mindfully

---> How to Move Towards Intuitive Eating

Looking forward to seeing you there! 

*Place are Limited*

Image by Alexandra Gorn

The Fit Clinic Masterclass 

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We see ALL the common pitfalls and mistakes when it comes to women losing weight.. Female focused fat loss is not as straight forward as fat loss in males - We’re complicated creatures and need to be treated as such!


That being said, when you know what to do and don’t fall into the common traps, it’s simple, and we’re going to show you how simple it can be and how to get results!

You will also receive our No BS Approach to Female Focused Fat Loss e-Book, which is jam-packed of actionable steps on how to set u your diet to reach your goals.


Here’s what we’ll cover in this Masterclass - 


  • Why your diet has been failing you

  • Why you’re stuck in a binge restrict cycle

  • Fasting in women - Is it for me?

  • Food to support your menstruated cycle, PMS and cravings

  • Training to support the phases of your menstrual cycle

  • How your pre and post-workout nutrition should look

  • How to set up a female Focused fat loss nutrition plan for success

  • Duration - 75 mins

Looking forward to seeing you there! 

- Place are Limited - 

Image by Alexandra Gorn
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