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Fertility Focus 

A revolutionary 360 approach to the fertility

A revolutionary 360 approach to the fertility

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If you've landed on this page, it's likely because you're trying to conceive (TTC), or you're thinking about TTC in the near future.


Whether this is all new to you, or you've been on a fertility journey for some time, you are likely feeling lost and overwhelmed with the all the information out there! 

What foods should I be eating to enhance my egg health? What foods are good for implantation? Should I cut out caffeine?

What type and intensity of exercise is right when TTC? Can I exercise in the 2 week wait?

What should my partner be doing to help on this journey?

I'm going to a friend's baby shower. I'm so happy for her, but I'm also feeling so sad for myself. Why am I feeling these challenging emotions and what should I do?

How do I cope with the worries and anxieties around fertility?

Yes... Overwhelming!

Well, that is exactly why we have created The Fertility Focus 90 Day Program.. To provide you with exactly what you need and a step-by-step guide on what to do in order to improve your chances of a healthy pregnancy.


"Great program to prepare my body physically and mentally to be in its best state for conception. Great advise, exercises, recipes from all the experts"



"Gives you the concise and relevant information you need to know about TTC without all the Googling overload and overwhelm"

The Fertility Focus 90 Day Program is a revolutionary approach to preparing your body for pre-conception. It combines the vital components for prepping you (and your partner) for trying to conceive - Nutrition, Movement and Mindset. 


Traditionally, we have a medical model with fertility. You may go to your GP or healthcare provider, and they will typically tell you to take folic acid and come back in 6-12 months if nothing has happened, after which the approach is usually some form of medication or referral to a fertility consultant to discuss fertility assistance such as IVF. 


This is so unfortunate, as there is tonnes of evidence to show just how effective changes in nutrition and lifetysle can be in turning around your fertility and making this journey more straightforward.


For this 90 day program we have gathered the leading experts in their respective field to deliver 6  key pillars in supporting you on this journey.   

Dr Michelle Hone
Fertility Nutritionist

6 Video-Led Fertility Nutrition and Lifestyle Modules 

  • The fertility checklist and what bloods do I need tested

  • Structuring your diet to optimise your fertility 

  • What supplements do I need to take?

  • What lifestyle changes should I make to optimise my fertility?

  • How do I pin-point my fertile window?

  • What changes should my partner make? 

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Emma Dowling
Pre & Postnatal Exercise Specialist

Video Led Work Along With Me Workouts

  • Pre-Conception and Early Pregnancy Safe Workouts 

  • 3 at-Home or Gym-Style Workouts per Week

  • New Training Block Each Month 

Dr Aoife Durcan
Chartered Counselling Psychologist

5 Video-Led Mindest Modules 

  • Coping with Challenging Emotions, Fear and Anxieties with Fertility 

  • Skills for Managing Stress 

  • Sex and Intimacy 

  • Managing Your Self-Critic 

  • Setting Boundaries to Protect Your Mental Health 

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Lorraine Hogan
Yoga & Meditation Teacher 

Video-Led Yoga and Meditation 

  • Pre-Conception and Early Pregnancy Safe Yoga Flows

  • 3 Yin Yoga Flows 

  • 1 Yoga Nidra Meditation 

Maria Harte
Recipe Developer & Food Stylist

  • Delicious and Hassle-Free Recipes 

  • Easy to Follow No-Fuss Recipes

  • Recipes Made with Simply and Fresh Ingredients

  • Fertility Specific Foods and Recipes

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"Extremely informative, helpful and supportive"



"It's so helpful, reassuring and comforting making a difficult process more manageable"



"It has given me such peace of mind and empowered me"

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Robyn Taaffe
Meditation Teacher 

Video-Led Self-Soothing Tools and Meditations


  • A space to come when you are feeling overwhelmed or worried

  • Tools and strategies to help cope with the stress and anxiety that will instantly help you feel better  

  • Guided meditations and visualisations

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Proceive is the
official partner of
Fertility Focus  

Every person who registers for the course, will receive a complementary pack of Proceive Women or Men!

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