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Whether you're just starting to think about having a family or you've been trying to conceive for some time, you'll want to get all the info we have to share at this Masterclass. 


Here is what we will be covering.. 



  • Conception 101 

  • Can you improve egg and sperm quality?

  • How to pin-point your fertile window 

  • Optimising your health before conception - Nutrition, Training, Lifestyle, Supplementation and Environment 

  • Nutrition - What should my nutrition look like when trying to conceive?

  • Training - Do I need to adapt my training? 

  • Lifestyle - The impact of stress on trying to conceive and how to best manage it 

  • Supplementation - What supplement should I be taking to optimise my health and the health of my pregnancy? 

  • Environment - What factors should I be more aware of in my environment now that I'm trying to conceive 

  • What about my partner - Can changes in his nutrition and lifestyle affect our journey?

  • Plenty of time for a Q&A so you will have time to ask personal questions 


You will also receive our Fertility e-Book, which is a 26 page resource with all the actionable steps you need to take for your journey 

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Trimester Zero 
Preconception Masterclass

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