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The Fit Clinic 

Welcome Pack

Everything you need to know for the exciting journey to come

Your Guide to Mindful Eating

The key to feeling satisfied and optimising digestion after each meal

Peri-Training Nutrition Guide

If you take your training seriously - We have everything you need to know for the pre and post workout period

The Fit Clinic 

Guide to Eating Out

Our top tips for looking after your nutrition while

eating out 

The Fit Clinic Recipe Book (January)

Our January recipe book, with calorie and macronutrient breakdown AND a barcode which you can scan into My Fitness Pal

The Fit Clinic Recipe Book (February)


Other Resources..

The Fit Clinic - 

Winter Wellness

Everything you need to know for feeling your best during the winter months

Setting Up

For Success

Setting goals and smashing them!

The Fit Clinic -


Everything you need to know if you plan on switching to plant based eating this January!

The Fundamentals

of Nutrition

Setting up your macronutrient targets and reaching your body composition and training goals

The Fit Clinic -

Gut Health

The key to optimising your digestive health

Nutrition for

CrossFit Athletes

Everything you need to know for tailoring your nutrition to optimise your performance in CrossFit

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