When Dieting is Not Advised..

Here’s a typical scenario we see at The Fit Clinic.. Someone will sign up and on their screening form it will read something like; ‘Usually eat 1400kcal per day’ (more commonly this is in females!) and then a little further on ‘goals are fat loss’. At that point we might ask for some background and history (if it’s not already provided) along the lines of ‘How has this been working for you?’ And the answer could be something like ‘I’ve been on those calories for the last 12 months’. Granted it’s often the case where okay you’re probably not consistent with those calories for the entirety of those 12 months or maybe weekends are a little ‘looser’ or maybe when tracking properly it turns out not to actually be 1400kcal. In a lot of cases though this is the situation i.e. Very low calorie intake for a long time, wanting to achieve more fat loss because it hasn’t been working for the last several months.