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Take health into your own hands with Randox At-Home kits. These home tests allow you to gain a better understanding of your health, provide insight into health and simple and quick way.


These three test measures the most important blood markers as an indication of overall reproductive health and fertility -


Female Hormone Test



Follicle-Stimulating Hormone

Luteinising Hormone



Sex Hormone Binding Globulin

Free Androgen Index



Thryoid Health Test

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone

Free Thyroxine

Free Triiodothyronine

Thyroglobulin Antibodies

Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies



AMH Test

AMH Test



*This test is ideally completed on day 3 (or day 2-4) of your menstrual cycle*



This test use a simple blood sample that can be taken in the convenience of your own home. Simply follow the instructions included with your test kit, register your test online, and return to our lab for testing using the pre-paid envelope provided.



You will receive your results via email within 3-5 working days from receipt of sample, which includes optimal ranges.


Please note, the purchase of this test does not include interpretation of your results by The Fit Clinic. You will need to book in with us, or your healthcare provider for a full interpretation of your report.  

The Full Female Fertility Profile

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