Many people do not consume enough vitamin B12 through their diet. Vegetarians and especially vegans must be vigilant about their B12 status, as B12 is nearly entirely found in animal-sourced foods such as eggs, dairy, meat, poultry and fish.

The importance of vitamin B12 cannot be understated. It is essential for:


 • The formation and functioning of the nervous system
 • The formation of red blood cells
 • The production of energy, the reduction of tiredness and fatigue
 • The immune system, our mood and every single cell in our body!

Chewable Vitamin B12 features:

 • Provides 1000 µg per tablet
 • Means vitamin B12 will be absorbed in the mouth, going straight into the bloodstream, avoiding potential absorption issues in the gut
 • Provides B12 as methylcobalamin, the ‘body-ready’ form of vitamin B12
 • Naturally sweetened with stevia
 • Only one tablet a day is needed

Vitamin B12 (120 tabs)