Quinoa Crunch Coco Pops


So what's so great about quinoa?! It's termed a complete protein, which means unlike most plant based foods, it consists of all 9 essential amino acids.. While that's great, it's merely a "source" of protein.. It contains 14g of protein per 100g, and 100g is a whole lot of quinoa!!

Furthermore, like all other plant based proteins, its low the most important amino acid - Leucine. Leucine is the KEY amino acid for stimulating muscle protein synthesis..

The take home? Quinoa is a great nutritious food, so a great addition to your diet. But eating this on its own, especially post-training, is not adequate to recover from training. So if you're having this for brekkie, make sure you add it to some yoghurt!

Adding it into granola creates the most delicious crunch!!


15g coconut oil
2 tsp maple syrup
80g oats
80g quinoa (uncooked)
40g dark chocolate


Heat oil in pan
Add oats, quinoa and oats to the pan
Continue to toss until golden brown
Make a hole in the centre of the pan and add dark chocolate
Allow the chocolate to melt and toss the granola in the melted chocolate
Leave to cool  




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