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We all know that tracking your macros is not something that we can do forever - Eventually you need to transition away from tracking and logging your food. But often it can feel a little overwhelming and people are anxious that once they stop tracking, they will move away from their goals..

We're so excited that our head coach, Brian OhAoghusa, is taking you through this Masterclass, as he has helped thousands of clients at The Fit Clinic banish food fears and improve their relationship with food. 

Here's the exciting line-up for the evening: 

---> How You Know It's Time to Stop Tracking

---> Ways to Transition Away From Weighing and Tracking

---> How to Eat Mindfully

---> How to Move Towards Intuitive Eating

Looking forward to seeing you there! 

*Place are Limited*

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Our period is now considered to be the ‘fifth vital sign of health’ by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. So, when it disappears, it’s our body’s way of letting us know that there’s something just not right! 


At The Fit Clinic, we work with women everyday to help them regain their menstrual cycle and recover from hypothalamic amenorrhea (HA). And we have packed all of this great content into our next Masterclass!


So here’s the exciting line-up for our next Masterclass!


  • What exactly is HA?

  • What has caused my HA?

  • The health consequences of HA

  • Recovery Plan

  • Nutrition -  Is my  diet putting stress on my body?

  • Exercise - Do I need to adapt my training?

  • Lifestyle - Are stressors in my lifestyle contributing to my HA?

  • Supplements - How can I give my body that extra bit of TLC during HA recovery?

  • Duration - 75 mins

Looking forward to seeing you there! 

- Place are Limited - 

Image by Icons8 Team
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