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Dr Michelle Hone (PhD, BSc)

Founder & Manager

  • ​PhD in Nutrition from Dublin City University

  • BSc Sports Science and Health from Dublin City University

  • IFM Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice Certificate

  • Published author in several peer reviewed journals - Journal of Human Nutrition & Dietetics, JAMD, Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports, Journal of Sports Sciences

"My favourite clients to work with are clients with digestive issues and female hormonal issues - Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, PCOS and PMS"

Brian (BSc)

Head Nutrition Coach

  • BSc Human Nutrition from University College Dublin

  • Precision Nutrition Level 2 Master Coach 

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certificate in Exercise Nutrition

  • Has worked with international level athletes in weightlifting, powerlifting, marathon, triathlon, Winter sports, Crossfit, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and high level athletes in inter-county GAA, League of Ireland premier division and amateur and professional mixed martial arts (MMA)

  • Over 4000 hours spent coaching clients 

"My favourite clients to work with are those looking to improve their relationship with, and mindset around, food" 

Fiona (MSc, BSc)

Nutrition Coach

  • ​MSc Nutritional Science from University College Cork

  • BSc Nutritional Science from University College Cork

  • Recipient of Academic Scholar Award (2013, 2014, 2015)

  • Competitive Powerlifting Athlete 

"I love working with people to help improve their relationship with food as well as working towards strength goals. The goal is to be happy, strong and healthy!"

Cathy (MSc, BSc)

Nutrition Coach Speciliasing in Digestive and Hormonal Health

  • MSc Clinical Science & Nutrition from University of Chester 

  • BSc Sport & Exercise Science from Manchester Metropolitan University

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Exercise & Nutrition Science from the University of Chester

  • Certificate in Functional Medicine & Nutrition from The Institute of Health Sciences

  • National Certificate in Exercise and Fitness from the University of Limerick

  • GP Exercise Referral Specialist

  • Accredited Phlebotomist (Level 3)

  • Diploma in Culinary Medicine from The Federation of Nutritional Therapy 

"My areas of interest are digestive health, female hormones, disordered eating and sports performance"

Becky (BSc)

Nutrition Coach and Head of Digital Media

  • ​MSc Human Nutrition and Dietetics (Currently Studying at University College Dublin)

  • BSc Human Nutrition from University College Dublin

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certificate in Exercise Nutrition

  • Published author in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

"I love helping people realise there are no good and bad foods!"

Jamie (MSc, BSc)

Nutrition Coach

  • ​​MSc in Human Nutrition from the University of Glasgow

  • BSc in Sports and Exercise Science from Edinburgh Napier

  • Research presented at the UK Obesity Conference

  • Registered Associate Nutritionist with the Association for Nutritionists

"The clients I love to work with are those looking to optimise sport and performance; and those looking to achieve longterm weight and physique happiness"

Mary-Jo (MSc, BSc)

Nutrition Coach

  • ​​MSc in Personalised Nutrition from Middlesex University

  • BSc in Human Nutrition from University College Dublin 

  • Nutritional Therapy Diploma (Currently Studying in CNELM)

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coach 

  • Completion of Two Dissertations

"I love to work with people struggling to lose weight, to overcome the fad diets and build a healthier relationship with food and themselves. I also have a special interest in women's hormonal health"

John (MSc, BSc)

Nutrition Coach

  • ​​MSc in Food Nutrition & Health from University College Dublin

  • Member of The Nutrition Society and The American Society for Nutrition

  • Attendee of Nutrition Conferences in Ireland and United States

  • Qualified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor  

"I want to empower people with knowledge of nutrition and lifestyle habits so they can reach their goals and maintain a healthy and enjoyable life”

Jennie (MSc, BSc, Dip)

Intern and Content Creator

  • ​​MSc in Management Consultancy from UCD Michael Smurfit Business School 

  • BSc in Food Science & Business from University College Dublin

  • Diploma in Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching from the Institute of Health Sciences

  • Currently studying for a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy from the Institute of Health Sciences

  • ASPIRE Academic Scholarship recipient

" I love to empower people with the knowledge and support they require to achieve their personal health goals. I'm passionate about all things female health!"

Joining The Fit Clinic is an investment in your health that will last you a lifetime. We want to educate you about nutrition and find a system that works for you. We want you to leave The Fit Clinic feeling empowered to look after your health. 


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