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Whether you're a professional athlete, a new Mum, need help with hormonal or digestive issues, or you just want to look and feel better - We want to help you change your life! Here's what some of our members have to say..
"My experience with The Fit Clinic has be nothing short of life changing"
"My experience was fantastic! I wouldn’t have asked for any more advice and support that was offered!"
"I held off this review for a couple of months after I finished with my coach as I thought the best test for the process is to see how I was standing on my own two feet. This time has proven that The Fit Clinic not only works, but it really is life-changing"

"The whole experience has made such a positive impact in my life. I feel so much healthier and happier than I did at the beginning. My only regret is that I didn't hear about The Fit Clinic years ago"

 I've done better than I ever imagined possible"

"My coach really had my best interests at heart and you can tell she really cares and you're not just another client or number"

"I wondered how it would go having contact over email but I didn’t have to worry. The approach was very professional but friendly at the same time. My coach gave me some great advice and I now feel better equipped and have a better understanding of how my body functions with the food I eat"

"My coach went above and beyond with great patience to find what works for me. I never felt like a nuisance to her. She just kept pushing through to help me week on week! For an online service and never meeting her, her caring side and ‘human’ side came through, which is a very special touch in my opinion and meant a lot! You’re NOT just a number or payment!"

"The Fit Clinic was amazing to work with overall, a great platform and very informative Instagram page, with a no nonsense approach towards food. It’s made me realise that managing your diet doesn’t have to be so complicated!"
"Under the guidance of my coach I've actually lost 10kgs over the few months! I will miss the check ins every week and would highly recommend anyone thinking of joining  The Fit Clinic to go for it, you will not regret it!"
"I’ve lost 4kg, body fat has definitely dropped and training has never felt better - Every last detail of the service has been brilliant!"

"I lost just over 10kg (and 3kg more since going solo) - it had knock on effects in all aspects of my life not only in my performance, but also my confidence not only in the way I look but to go after what I want!"

"It's the first time I don't have guilt associated with eating. I'm around 10 to 12kg lighter than when I started with you. I can treat myself and feel like I deserve it and wake up knowing my body needs nutrition. No guilt! I understand how my body works and what it needs to fuel my life"
"When I started with The Fit Clinic I had been off the pill over a year after taking it for over a decade, my hormones and cycles were in a mess and I had been for several tests at a fertility clinic. I worked with The Fit Clinic due to their hormonal expertise - My coach was incredibly kind and knowledgeable from day 1. I was taught to look at my health from a holistic perspective - sleep, exercise, supplements, screen time, getting outside - not just nutrition. Working with The Fit Clinic meant I regulated my cycle within a couple of months and fixed reoccurring severe bloating I had for years. I can honestly say it’s been the best investment I have ever made - I only wish more people were recommended to try natural options to fix hormonal issues before going down the intervention route"

"I have just got my period back! I'm back at a healthy weight, my body is healthy, I am not over training, my stress is under control and I feel so much better but there is no way I could have got back to this without her support"
"My coach worked out in about 3 weeks, that I was actually diary intolerant. This was after about 2 years of discomfort, that in itself changed my life as I could finally understand where my symptoms were coming from and how I could manage the problem"

"I came to The Fit Clinic with a long history of digestive issues that were really getting me down and confusion around my nutrition which resulted in fear of certain foods. These issues were taking over and impacting my life. From the minute I started my coach was so supportive and patient with me. My coach guided me throughout and answered all my queries/frustrations in a way that I could understand and implement. After a few months in my digestive system was improved and to now where it functioning normally (never thought I would say that)"

"I joined as someone who suffered majored digestive issues and had been told for years to just take medicine and “it’s one of those things”. My coach guided me through supplements that supported my issues and through eliminating food triggers. My digestive system has improved 100% and I no longer suffer from these issues"

"Outstanding from start to finish. Little tweaks and superb guidance has led me to a healthy relationship with food and myself!"

"I'm now nearly 2 stone lighter than I was when I signed up but more importantly I have so much more balance in my life when it comes to food. When I overindulge, I don't beat myself up over it whereas before, it would've been a 'disaster' or another 'failure' and the guilt and frustration would be absolutely soul destroying. I had myself convinced that the 'all or nothing' approach was all I could manage in relation to healthy eating and losing weight"

"Now with a 2 year old and a 6 month old, I am in the best shape of my life both physically and mentally and I have such a positive relationship with food. Thank you so much!"

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