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Chaste berry may help to support healthy estrogen and progesterone hormone levels. This herb has compelling research to show that it helps to promote healthy menstrual functions and minimise PMS (pre-menstrual stress). 


  • Supports hormone balance 
  • Minimises painful & irregular periods
  • Helps reduce inflammation


Agnus castus is a powerful herb and is not suitable for everyone. Therefore a consultation is recommended beforehand to ensure it is suitable for you. Always consult your physician or qualified health professional before taking any supplements or on any matters regarding your health.

Biovea Vitex Agnus Castus Chaste Berry

  • Organic Chaste Tree (berry) 500mg. Other Ingredients: Grain Alcohol (55-65% by volume), Deionized Water.

  • Take 30 drops, once per day, or as needed in juice or water. This is not to be taken alongside the oral contraptive pill. Discuss with your healthcare practioner before taking this, as this herb may have interactions with other medications you are currently taking. 

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