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Having worked with thousands of women with issues such as PCOS, hypothalamic amenorrhea, fertility issues, thyroid issues, and more; I have seen the good, bad and ugly with these womens' experience with their GP and healthcare providers when requesting, discussing and interpreting hormone blood results.


While the vast majority of healthcare providers are providing fantastic care to their patients, I still receive stories every single day about women leaving their GPs office feeling dismissed, disempowered and frustrated. 


This e-Book is not medical advise nor can the contents provide a medical diagnosis. But I hope that it provides you with a starting point for feeling empowered and being able to advocate for yourself next time are sitting with your healthcare provider.


I have split the e-Book into three sections -


  • Approaching you healthcare provider to request bloods
  • What bloods to request
  • How to interpret each result


Please note, the contents of this e-Book is not medical advise. The content of this e-Book is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any health problems. Lab ranges may differ between different labs. The diseases and disorders listed for blood results outside of reference ranges are not exhaustive list and these lists do not encompass congenital diseases / disorders. In the event that one of your blood results are out off range, you will need to chat with your GP or healthcare provider to determine a diagnosis.

Making Sense of Hormone Blood Results e-Book

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