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Progesterone is a vital hormone in mainataining pregnancy. 


Several nutrients such as magnesium, zinc, vitamin B6, vitamin C, as well as the herb agnus castus, has been shown to increase progesterone production. 

We have combined the essentials in the following three supplements:


  • Nutri Advanced MegaMag Fem Balance x 1
  • Nutri Advanced Zinc Picolinate x 1 
  • Biovea Angus Castus/Chaste Tree Berry x 1 (recommended to be taking in the morning, from the day of ovulation to your next period - eg. day 14 - 28) 


Agnus castus is a powerful herb and is not suitable for everyone. Therefore a consultation is recommended beforehand to ensure it is suitable for you. Always consult your physician or qualified health professional before taking any supplements or on any matters regarding your health.


Progesterone Pack

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